Asterisco Producciones

En association with the Department of "Women's Affairs" of the Alcalá de Henares Town Council, Kodiak Productions is proud to present "Say NO to Domestic Violence", a documentary about domestic violence which will give the viewer food for thought.

What began as a simple audio visual "support" for a municipal training project ended up becoming a documentary on domestic violence with a completely unique format.

Say NO to Domestic Violence combines a fictional storyline of a victim of domestic violence who narrates through her diary the destructive process to which she is submitted. The fictional drama is interspersed with interviews of actual victims of domestic violence and professionals of this area, who relate their real life experiences.

The documentary is based on "Sara's Diary", which was published by Sonia Aparicio in the spanish newspaper El Mundo in a special report on "Domestic Violence".

This documentary should prove very useful to any person who is working in the Domestic Violence area. You can view the complete documentary online and/or order it online in DVD format.